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A Starbucks Experience



After searching for somewhere to park in downtown Portland for about 25 minutes, I was finally able to go into Starbucks. Right before I get to the entrance I am immediately shoved aside by a latte obsessed homicidal caffeine addict, whose entire world will end if he doesn’t get his coffee 5 minutes sooner than right now. You know, the individual who looks like the hell-spawn demon of death and despair, whose gaze remains fixed on an unknown horizon until they have their first sip of coffee. After watching this lunatic run to the back of the line in front of me, I walked through the door and was immediately eye molested by 5 people sitting in the cozy lounge chairs with their laptops open.

One lumberjack looking younger man in his flannel shirt with suspenders, playing with his handlebar mustache and beard, hid behind his iMac pro as his eyes peeked at me over the top of his computer screen. His eyes piercing at me like my mere presence somehow disrupted the creativity of his indie film script writing.

To the left of the Paul Bunyan was a woman wearing a bright turquoise Northface hikers jacket, with a green scarf wrapped (what had appeared to be) nine times around her neck and chin. Standing there in her corduroy pants and Merrell Grassbow Sport Waterproof Hiking Shoes, this outdoorsy lady held her coffee with her two hands wrapped in multi-colored cotton gloves, as she perched her head over the top of her frothing cup to sip the foam. This woman, who I would assume drives a Suburu Outback, gazed at me in disbelief that I had the audacity to taint her pretentious Starbucks atmosphere with my mere presence.

Over in the back was a sharp dressed business man in his early forties, yelling on his cellphone, while day-trading on his laptop. I don’t believe I existed in his world, but I take no offense. I’m quite certain that nobody did, considering his voice volume showed no consideration for his surroundings, as his abhorrent vexatious laugh cleaved through the ambiance like a knife.

Lastly, at the far table off in the corner were the wannabee Sex and the City, Desperate Housewives committee. You know, the type of women in their late twenties, early thirties, who dress, talk and act like every woman you’ve ever seen on daytime television. Starbucks is where these two women come to deliberate about shampoo products and where to find the best deals on black Friday. Starbucks is the place where these women meet to compare each others husbands, boyfriends, kids and gossip behind the backs of other females they pretend to be friends with. As I walked passed the table of the chattering duo, they immediately began to quiet their conversation to a whisper while rolling their eyes at me. Nothing makes you feel more welcome than the patronizing stare of a couple of yenta queens.

As I proceeded to the line I was behind three customers. In front of me was the despondent caffeine addict who cut me off at the door, who stood behind the hot blonde on her way to the gym. At the counter, in front of the blonde, was the hipster guy who had no idea what a caramel macchiato was, but whose social status would entirely crumble if he purchased coffee anywhere else. As this metro-sexual hipster wearing skinny jeans and rainbow colored Ray Ban wayfarers, finally got to the bottom of what “Grande” means, he ran his card and moved on down the line to receive his drink. The blonde, wearing tight black yoga pants and vintage leather boots that matched her vintage leather jacket, continued to the counter. The creepy guy that stood in front of me began blatantly examining the blondes ass, as she argued with the barista about how they screwed up her previous order. The coffee junkie then turned to me and nodded at me with a smile, as if to signify that this blonde woman’s gorgeous ass accentuated by her yoga pants, was the only thing that could put a smile on his face before having a coffee. I wanted to share in this sentiment, but I was too overwhelmed and put off by her overwhelming sense-of-entitlement, as she verbally besieged the barista in her condescending tone.

After the blonde paid for her order and shuffled off to go get her coffee, the man in front of me ordered his four double espresso shots and moved along. There I was, finally at the counter, when the barista asked me, “what can I get for ya?”

“I’ll take a Grande Cafe Americana with some room for cream”, which is essentially asking for a regular cup of coffee, only the fancy name allows them to charge me $2.00 more.

“What’s your name?” she asked me, with an ‘I can’t wait to go home’ expression on her face.

I responded, “My name is Tommy”

The Barista then quickly ran my debit card and handed me my receipt. I walked over to the counter where you receive your coffee and waited about six minutes. While I waited, I took notice of the barista who had been sweeping the floor the entire time, despite there be nothing on the floor to sweep. When I finally got my coffee, with the name spelled “Timmy” on the side of the cup, I headed over to the coffee condiment station where the counter was covered in a diverse mixture of Splenda powder, cinnamon and sticky coffee stains. I quickly discovered that they were out of half n’ half, milk and vanilla powder.

It was at this point that I decided I would just drink my coffee black. So I took a sip of my burnt flavored coffee that I paid over three dollars for, gave a goodbye nod to the barista who was sweeping the floor, and left.

Add together the inconsistency of Dunkin Donuts, the annoyance of brewing a pot at home, the overpriced K-cups of a Keurig and the experience I just had at Starbucks, and you get the sum of why I go to Cumberland Farms to get my coffee.

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Hip Hop

Why Social Media is dead for musicians and performing artists.



As a hip hop artist, I have been mulling over which social media platform is the best to get music out there. After several months of research I have come to the conclusion that none of them are, anymore.

In the early days of Myspace, Social media was a new thing. The excitement brought people to it in droves and it was a hot bed for entertainers. Dane Cook even made a comedy career off of his Myspace following that made him the highest paid stand-up comic in the world at the time. YouTube and Facebook coming in around mid-2000’s, also made tons of people famous. Singers like Justin Beiber became the world’s next Michael Jackson, solely off of Youtube popularity alone. However, with constant evolving technology making high quality music, and videos, cheap and easy to make, the music market became flooded. It has gotten to the point where just about anybody can make some form of music now at a decent quality for a very inexpensive cost. A lot of fans became artists, and buyers became sellers. The over-saturation of music and videos resulted in a massive pouring of people self-promoting down the feeds of everybody’s twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Then, in a response to match the demand of self-promoting artists, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram began charging artists to get exposure, the same way they charge Subway to market a $5 foot-long.

So, people who don’t do music, who artists are targeting as fans, are not only being pelted with youtube and soundcloud links all day long from every artist under the sun, but now they also have to sit and see forced content in their newsfeed that reads “sponsored” over it. Where the fan of music once clicked on an occasional link to check out some struggling artist’s music, they are now so overwhelmed and annoyed with all the spam, they simply don’t bother anymore. Just like most people won’t even bother to read this article. Not to mention, that every DJ, artist, band, singer, beat producer, painter, photographer, website designer, travel blogger, food blogger, dancer, graphic designer, video director, youtuber, comedian, actor, model and tattoo artist is trying to promote themselves. In other words, everyone has adopted the same logic that they could build a business for themselves on social media by marketing themselves. What this has resulted in is everybody plugging and promoting themselves without taking any time to look at what others are promoting.

What also occurred, is websites like Facebook, have drifted far away from being a social media site, now acting more as a news aggregate and self-promotion engine. The entire landscape of social media has changed. The online world has become so weighed down by a myriad of people selling something, that the small few people who aren’t selling anything have become simply exhausted. Where it used to only be big corporations jockeying for your attention, now it’s all of them and half of the people you know online.

Facebook had artists spending years building a Facebook fan page for themselves, and now they charge the artist money to reach their own fan base. Twitter is basically a place where people follow people who are already famous. So for the struggling artist, good luck with that. Also, Twitter won’t allow you to upload songs or videos without limiting its duration. Instagram is exactly the same as twitter in both cases. Snapchat won’t let you do anything accept snap a pic or shoot a 10 second video and share it. Hardly the platform for promoting music. Soundcloud is predominantly swarmed with other struggling artists promoting to other struggling artists. The only way to gain the attention of regular people on their site is to chart, which you need thousands and thousands of fans already to achieve. Unless of course you plug your Soundcloud on other Social Media sites, which I have already explained is useless. Youtube on the other hand is another nightmare all together. The average person looks at a YouTube video with a few hundred to a couple thousand views and immediately dismisses it. Nobody wants to support something they don’t already see others supporting, and this remains a factor with Soundcloud plays as well.

Which is why now, there are dozens of websites that will help you pay for fake plays and views. However, what good is a fake play or view, if it doesn’t directly convert into a real fan? Lastly, don’t even get me started on email marketing. Nobody wants spam in their emails.

So I began doing some research as to just where people do go for new music. I know there are still die-hard fans of music who are interested in discovering new music right? They’re must be some place they go, right? Wrong.

There is no one place, app or website anyone goes for new music anymore. In fact, what my research has revealed, is that the vast majority of music listeners discover music nowadays in video games, commercials and believe it or not, radio. Radio, something we all thought would die 10 years ago, is still very much alive. Occasionally, some people stumble upon you because of a viral video, hear something they liked on a Pandora playlist, or simply discover artists who are trending. However, the question then becomes, just how does an artist do any of these things?

Well, first of all, you can’t “make” a viral video. It either happens or it don’t. With regards to Pandora, it is next to impossible to get included in their playlist without being a signed artist. There are ways, but it’s a major pain in the ass. As far as getting on the radio, you simply cannot do that without major money and a major radio promoter who can get that accomplished for you. You may be able to get on local radio, or some local college stations, but that’s about it. And, you will never be in rotation on the station, without some rep from Interscope Records making it happen with Clear Channel. As far as placements in video games, movies, and commercials, the only way to achieve that as an artist is to have a publishing deal with someone like EMI or BMI. However, publishing companies will almost never do a deal with an unsigned artist, unless of course you write or produce songs for somebody else who is signed.

Some even argue that if you just go outside to promote your music and do shows, it could have a much better effective reach than online. What people fail to realize though, is that nobody goes to shows to go see artists they never heard of. If you are willing to perform for free in front a few strangers you could develop a fan or two, but even for super talented artists, this doesn’t result in significant growth.

What has happened is that only artists with serious amounts of wealth behind them are making any noise. Most record deals happening these days are simply insiders helping out other insiders. Very rarely will you hear a story like “Russ” (who is fucking dope af btw) come up, just from building their own organic online following.

Just recently I did a test with online social media advertisement. I spent $30 on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram just to see the results. Keep in mind I targeted people who specifically like hip hop and similar interests. Facebook, after claiming I could reach a minimum of 18,000 people, was the least effective. My $30 got me 5 likes on my fan page, 800 views on my video and 2 comments. My $30 ad on twitter resulted in 4 reposts, 8 likes and only 1 new follower. My $30 on Youtube got me 4,000 views (which was pretty good), but only 16 likes, and zero new subscribers or comments. In fact, I think a vast majority of the views were counted solely from the ad playing for 5 seconds before another video. Instagram did the best though. My $30 on Instagram got me 3,000 views on a video, 118 hearts, 8 comments and 17 new followers. The results of this test run got me thinking.

If any artist out there is backed by major money, like record label money, you could easily make someone a star for about roughly $50,000. However, what I hear from people every day, is how tired they are of mainstream music. I hear people say things like “the Industry shoves stuff down our throats, etc,) Well, unfortunately the game is completely designed for that to be the case again. In the 90’s, the music business had all the power. If an artist was going to make it he needed big label money. We just went through a fifteen year span where that was no longer the case. Just about anyone could get online and blow up. I even remember when the rapper “Benefit” was downloaded over one million times off Napster. Unfortunately, the fifteen year grace period of independent artists has come to almost a screeching halt.

As a fan of music, the bad side to all of this is you will, once again, only know about music that big money put in front of you. The good side though, is that you will longer need to swim through a barrage of struggling artists promoting their links, considering that only big money will be able to afford to put it in front of you. As an artist on the other hand, we are stuck in a major state of limbo. You need views, plays, streams and likes to get record deals, but you need record deal money now to get views, plays, streams and likes. So, if you’re a fan of someone’s music, it’s incredibly important to follow and subscribe on all platforms. Its extremely important to share, view, like or engage with their content. Its also important for the artist to engage back and show respect for that level of support. The intimate relationship between artist and fan is one of the only remaining combative measures we can take anymore to fight against big money.

As far as I’m concerned, I’m just going to keep climbing up that wall of adversity. I’m going to continue showing love to my pre-existing fan base and welcome any new fans who trickle in with open arms. It’s a process though and not likely to result in a huge rapid growth. Though I truly believe that if music is truly good, nothing can stop it from spreading. Therefore, I obviously have more work to do. They say that 100 fans on the internet can turn into a million overnight if so much as one stroke of luck occurs. Well, considering I am not backed by a millionaire, I guess that’s all I can hope for. Keep on keeping on, playa.

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Why do people who get welfare, hate other people on welfare?



The irony of people on welfare constantly bickering about people on welfare. The idea seems to be that the bickering welfare recipient believes they deserve welfare because they work and don’t abuse it while all the other people on welfare are just lazy leaches abusing the system. Then, these morons vote to cut welfare, because in their minds when the government talks about cuts to welfare, they’re not talking about THEIR personal welfare, but the other “losers” who are abusing it.

As of 2014, 109,631,000 people are receiving some form of government assistance when you consider Medicaid, food subsidies, Social Security, Veteran’s benefits and unemployment. As of the most recent study in 2012, only 2.7% of that number was attributed to welfare fraud, which is less than 2.9 million people. In fact, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ families receiving public assistance spend significantly less than families’ not receiving public assistance on essentially everything, including roughly half on housing, a third less on food, almost two-thirds less on entertainment and a fraction on healthcare. The data clearly indicates that that those living on some form of public assistance aren’t abusing the system to live lavishly — they’re trying to penny pinch to survive.

Therefore, the idea that we should completely ruin the lives of 106 million people because of the wrong doings of 2.9 million is completely absurd. When the government cuts back “entitlements” as they like to call them, they are cutting ALL funding. They are not performing in-depth investigations to pluck out the abusers and only cutting their funding.

One of the most common misnomers about welfare is that most people who are on it are leeches who don’t work, an accusation that is 100% false. First of all, MOST people on receiving medicaid or food assistance are working class families who simply do not get paid enough. Second of all, let’s take a look at who these people are living off of some form of public assistance. Of the 26 million people collecting Social security, 18 million are retirees who worked their whole lives and paid in to it, which means they are not lazy leeches. 8 million are collecting disability, which means they have been considered disabled workers by the government and therefore are excluded as lazy leeches. Veterans receiving veteran benefits served their country, and therefore are absolutely not leeches, and I dare you to call one of them a leech to their face. People on unemployment were working, lost their job and are now seeking work. How do I know this? Because it is a policy enacted by unemployment that you must have been working to receive it, and must be actively looking for work to continue to receive it. Now, there is clearly some individuals who scam unemployment by making it appear as though they are seeking jobs, but let’s look at why.

If you’re working a career based job making a livable wage and then you lose that job, unemployment is willing to compensate you with a large percentage of what you were making. Which means, whatever lifestyle you were living can still be afforded. If you choose to get a job at any old place to get off unemployment, say at Wendy’s, you will not get paid anywhere near what unemployment would give you, hereby making unemployment your best option until you find another great job based on your career experience. If places like Wendy’s paid livable wages, you would gladly take a job anywhere and not be a drain on the working tax payer. So in this case, who is the unemployment subsidy really for? It seems to be more of a corporate subsidy doesn’t it? Corporations know they don’t have to pay you livable wages, because when you’re down and out, you can easily get medicaid and food stamps. And, when they lay you off, you can go live off unemployment between jobs. It’s this line of thinking why Wal-Mart actually hands its workers welfare documents and asks them to apply. It’s basically saying, “We can afford to pay you more, but we would rather not pay you shit so we can have higher profit margins. But don’t worry, you’ll survive. Just fill out this form and let the tax payer pay the other half of what we should be paying you to work here.” Think about that.

The simple solution to solve all these issues with government assistance is for companies to pay you more for your labor. With the costs rising of car insurance, mortgage payments, rental payments, electricity, heat, gas and water, the need for people to be compensated more for their labor is vital to fixing this economy. So when I see people all over the internet suggesting the government should cut welfare benny’s and those same people claim that people should stop complaining about minimum wage, it is such an oxymoron that it makes me feel physically ill. You people are voting against your own interest. You people are cutting off your own nose to spite your face.

There are 46.5 million people in America collecting food stamps at an average of $123 per person. If our government even so much as cut the number in half, how would Hannaford, Kroger, Market Basket, Ralphs, Wal-Mart, and other supermarkets recover from a $2.9 billion drop in sales? How many more jobs would be lost when 23 million people can longer shop for food? And, when those people working at places like Hannaford lose their jobs because of the drastic drop off in sales, how many more people will now need welfare? Grocery chains benefit far more from food stamps than the person who uses them.

In my entire life, I have never met anyone who was happy about needing public assistance. I have waited in welfare lines and everyone in there is ashamed to even be seen in there. The long lines, the humiliation, the way you get treated by the people who work there. Nobody is jockeying for position to be the next person to get free government money. The moment someone discovers they need it, they become overwhelmed with depression. It’s not your neighbors who are lazy leeches. It’s not the struggling single mom’s, the poor minority family or the guy who lost his job that’s taking advantage of you. It’s the corporations in America that are the leeches. And, when you sit there and defend them for allowing you to graciously work for peanuts, while at the same time turning on your fellow brothers and sisters who are going through the same struggles as you — you are the problem with this country.

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Debunking Jewish Myths and anti-Semitic Canards.



There are several Jew bashing conspiracy theories and Anti-Semitic canards all over the internet that I see every day. It astonishes me that people actually believe this putrid bigotry and so I decided to make my next priority about completely debunking this idiotic nonsense. I have put together a list of these dogmatic fabrications and I intend to successfully disprove every one of them completely. I myself am not Jewish, however my grandmother is and I am friends with many, so I find these bogus claims to be offensive to say the least.

  1. The Jews control Americas Banking system and finances.

This rumor comes from the propaganda that the Rothschild family still controls central banks all over the world and dominates the entire global financing system. Although it may seem fun to read when you’re looking for a way to get those anti-Semitic endorphins flowing, it’s complete and utter bullshit. This is a ridiculous accusation that stems from internet conspiracy theorists and anti-Semites who spread false memes on the web asserting that the Rothschild family is worth $500 trillion. Just to show just how absurd this is, the combined total value of the entire world economic assets is only $200 trillion. In fact, the total worth of the derivatives market as of 2011 was about $600 trillion. The wealthiest member of the Rothschild family living in the world today is Benjamin de Rothschild. Benjamin’s estimated worth is roughly around two billion dollars. The idea that the Rothschild family owns and controls all the world’s central banks is absolutely false. First of all, the Federal Reserve Bank in America is not owned by anyone. Although parts of the Federal Reserve System share some characteristics with private-sector entities, the Federal Reserve was established to serve the public interest.

A “central bank” is a governmental mandate. It’s the entity responsible for overseeing monetary policy, interest rates and currency supply for a nation. In fact, the Reserve Banks are required by law to transfer net earnings to the U.S. Treasury, after providing for all necessary expenses of the Reserve Banks, legally required dividend payments, and maintaining a limited balance in a surplus fund. When you do your research, you will discover that though Rothschild family banking businesses pioneered international high finance during the industrialization of Europe, they haven’t dominated global finance in over 200 years. In fact, when you look at the wealthiest and most powerful privately owned banks in the entire world they are as follows: HSBC Holdings — Market Cap: $191.43 Billion. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China — Market Cap: $196.21 Billion. JPMorgan Chase — Market Cap: $229.90 Billion. Wells Fargo — Market Cap: $261.72 Billion.

JP Morgan is ran and controlled by Jamie Dimon, a Greek descendant who is not Jewish. Also, after JP Morgan merged with the Rockefeller owned chase Manhattan Bank, even if you consider David Rockefeller having some involvement, his family is of German descent, which history would show is the very opposite of a Jew. HSBC Holdings was founded by a Scottish banker who lived in London, Sir Thomas Sutherland. HSBC holdings is ran and controlled by Stuart Gulliver and Douglas Flint (Both Englishmen from Britain). The ICBC is ran and controlled by Jiang Jianqing who is clearly not fucking Jewish. Wells Fargo is ran and controlled by Thomas Sloan, whose Irish and Scottish heritage kept him from ever once having a bar mitzvah!

  1. The Jews own and control the media.

All of American media is owned and controlled by 5 institutions. Disney, Viacom, Comcast Holdings (Formally GE), Time Warner & News Corp. Yes it is true that Comcast is owned by Ralph and Brian Roberts who were both into a Jewish family. Their parents Bob Roberts and Sara Wahl were Russian-Jewish immigrants. Yes it is true that Walt Disney is ran and controlled by Bob Iger. It is also true that Viacom is owned by National Amusements, which is owned by the very famous wealthy Jewish-American Sumner Redstone. However, what people fail to mention when making this argument is that Time Warner, or Historic TW Inc., is ran and controlled by Edward B Ruggiero, a man with very proud Italian heritage who doesn’t celebrate Hanukkah. Also, News Corp is owned by an Australian-American with no Jewish ties at all, Rupert Murdoch. So, the idea that Jews own and control the media, well, apparently they’re forgetting about CNN, HBO, Warner Brothers, Time Magazine, Fox News, The New York Post, the Wall Street Journal among several others, considering they are all owned by an Italian and an Australian who don’t practice Judaism.

Secondly, even if there are many Jews who dominate a lot of power positions in the media, why does that matter? Is it because you believe they are manipulating their power to brainwash us all into Jewish principles? Because it has been proven through surveys that a vast majority of Jewish-Americans do not believe that any American News Conglomerate even touches on any Jewish concerns and this belief is also held by many of Israel’s most prominent figures. It is these ridiculous fears that lead to bogus allegations like “the Jewish War on Christmas.” First of all, Jews make up 4% of the population and Christians make up 83%. Even General Douglas MacArthur wouldn’t have sent soldiers in with those odds. A giant percentage of people who control the American Automotive industry (Ford & Chevy) Military Industrial Complex (Boeing & Lockheed Martin) and American owned Oil companies (Chevron and Exxon) are Christians. However, whenever there are thousands of deaths to war nobody brings up a Christian Agenda. When oil prices skyrocket or people die by the thousands from improperly manufactured cars, nobody is screaming about a Christian conspiracy. Why then, when there is a particular field that Jews excel in is their religion brought to attention?

If the Jews truly controlled our media, our government and our finances, than someone please explain to me why the only Jewish presidential candidate to run in my lifetime got the high hard shaft by the Democratic National Convention? If the Jews control Wall Street, why was Bernie Sanders slamming them, while Wall Street backed Hillary Clinton?

You may ask yourself then why so many Jewish people are wealthy and work in high up positions. It’s simple. For starters, Jewish people put a serious emphasis on education. In fact, Jewish people are the most highly educated religious group in America. Just underneath Jews on this list would be Hindu people who, by the way, challenge Jewish Families for the highest Median Household income among religious groups in the United States. Asian people, also prioritize education. Which is why Asian families have the highest Median Household Income among racial groups in America. And, despite Asian people having completely dominated the Silicon Valley Tech market, you don’t hear anything about some Asian conspiracy to dominate us all with robots. When People of Indian Heritage completely dominate the Internet, web and Graphic design sector you don’t see memes on Facebook depicting a conspiratorial belief of an Indian hostile takeover of the interwebs. The other reason why Jewish people are often successful is because Jewish families help one another. Most often, Jewish families are very communal in that they will utilize their networks and family connections to help their children have a better and more lucrative chance to be successful. Something other races and religions should maybe practice more.

Despite all the bogus claims and various assertions made by these idiots about Jews, the facts are here before you. The Jews don’t run and control shit. Now, pardon me while I take off and go hit up my Jew friend out in California. He is going to fill me in today on his parent’s global agenda for the world.


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