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How Full of shit have we all become?



How Full of shit have we all become?

Sometimes I feel like sex is literally the last pure thing left on this earth. I’m not talking about that crazy whips and chains, 42 different positions, 50 shades of grey, psychologically fucked up sex, either. I’m referring to that good ol’ fashioned, missionary position, 20 years of marriage, style sex that lasts 12 minutes. Before you go ranting and raving about how bad that type of sex is, just remember, there is nothing in the world more fucking upfront and pure than that kind of sex–where two people use each other unselfishly and satisfy each other fast enough to watch a good TV show and pass out. It’s a real simple agreement with no bullshit attached to it. Nothing is more hilarious than imagining two people jump around in the sack like fucking chimpanzees just so they can live up to some standard that has been drilled into their heads. Nobody in the world is going to award you a trophy for your fantastic acrobatics while you were fucking. In fact, not even the person you fucked will give a shit when they break up with you some day. All that amazing sexual athleticism will be forgotten the day they leave you–when they’re telling their friends out of spite, how fucking bad you were in bed. Sure, maybe you impressed some one night stand. Congratulations! You’ve managed to put a whole lot of work into winning the opinion of some dumb bar-hopping loser that you will never call again. Once again, we have now added bullshit to the purest thing in the world. People have officially fucked up everything.

All my life I heard stories of this respectable, exemplary, place called America. This land that stood as the backbone of morality and ignited the eternal flame of wisdom. Was there really such a place? I feel as though it’s just more bullshit, written down by people who were full of shit, and later taught by people who were more full of shit than they were. I find it hard to believe that we have become this good at being full of shit, so fast. I feel as though we may have always been full of shit.

I’ll be the first to admit that the world has become a fucked up place. We have all of these little tween girls dressing like whores and worshiping the worlds most glamorous slut, Kim Kardashian. We have politicians who no longer exemplify the quiet, educated and authoritative persona they once did. Now, our politicians are standing in the middle of historical rooms on capital hill, tweeting insults at one another like they were 3rd graders. Oh if the founding fathers could have seen Senator Anthony Wiener’s dick picks on twitter, they would have been so proud. Politicians have always been full of shit though. It’s when it trickles down to the ordinary people when we have a sad state of affairs.

Not a day goes by I don’t read somebody’s status on facebook crying about relationship drama, political opinions, religious opinions, and our economic downturn. Fuck politics and religion. We’ve been arguing the same stupid fucking arguments for decades. These age old arguments we argue will never be solved because both sides are always completely full of shit. There is never a time when two people sit down and maturely come to a logical conclusion. Our arguments always consist of two assholes who are completely full of shit, rebutting bullshit with more bullshit.

Hey facebook friend Theresa from Canton, Ohio. Your relationship doesn’t work because you’re both full of shit. You were full of shit when you met him, and he was full of shit when he met you. It’s simple.

Speaking of facebook, never in the history of full of shitness, has there ever been a place where people can be SO FULL OF SHIT. It used to be in the olden days, you had to lie to a person’s face when you’ were picking them up in a bar. Today, all you have to do is direct them to your facebook page. You spent years creating a profile that will successfully sell people on your bullshit. When you create a facebook profile, it’s essentially creating a false identity for you to hide behind. Instead of having to be clever enough to bullshit people to their faces, we now have a reliable website that will convert our entire facade into hypertext. You can spread your bullshit, your friends can spread their bullshit, and as long as you don’t call anyone on their bullshit you can be facebook friends forever!! TEE-HEE BFF’s

It’s a common myth that the people who have all the money are the MOST full of shit. Wrong. We just live in a society that rewards bullshit, and so the more full of shit you are, the more money you make. Aside from the lottery, you will never be rich until you master the art of being completely full of shit. Let’s say you get a job working somewhere at the ground level. Despite the fact your job is meaningless, repetitive and exhausting, you had to be full of shit to get it, didn’t you? Now that you have this worthless job, if you can be just a little bit more full of shit you can get promoted. When you have mastered the art of bullshit, you may even “full of shit” your way into an executive office with a view. Once you put on that suit and tie, oh boy, not a single person in the world will ever see through your phony veneer! An expensive suit and tie is like the Teflon vest of bullshit.

Recently, there has been all this uproar over the the famous news anchor, Brian Williams. People are angry and feel betrayed that he was full of shit. Why? Do you honestly think he is the only anchor man or news reporter who is full of shit? Even better, are we not anymore full of shit than he is? Honestly, I can’t even watch the news anymore. Every news story is by activists disguised as reporters. Our media outlets have become a fucking chat room for artificial fucks to sit around and discuss everybody’s lives like they’re some sort of supreme group of individuals who don’t partake in it. Like they represent some sort of hierarchical club who’s job it is to analyze the peasants. News has become rhetoric regurgitated from the mouth of overly pretentious men and women–who just 5 years ago were on the other end of a beer bong in their college frat house.

So I look at the world around me and I see how polluted with bullshit it’s become. I watch these young men and women dressing in their overpriced little trendy clothes to showcase their identities. I watch how they all hang out in these little circles of people who dress just like they do and listen to the same bands as them. These future phonies really believe that they’re different somehow and really feel that their unique identities separate them from the rest of us. I have no problem with you wanting to be different,in fact, I applaud it! It’s the fact that you let somebody who was completely full of shit, convince you to buy things you don’t need to be different. It’s the fact you feel like you have to be the same as other people to stand out. Be honest for fuck sake. Your balls are completely crushed in them skinny jeans bro! You’re not fucking comfortable and when you walk like your balls are in a vice, you are not fooling anyone! So why the fuck are you wearing them? You want to be different? Where a clown suit at the airport and play the fucking ukulele while break dancing. Nobody has ever done that before.

Fuck this. Tonight, I’m going to have the purest evening I can have. I’m going to fuck my girl and she’s going to fuck me. She will know what I want and I will know what she wants. I don’t have to pretend to be an acrobatic bodybuilder and she doesn’t have to pretend to be a whip-wielding supermodel dominatrix. Within 12 minutes we will both cum and go to sleep. Refreshing. If only this fucking world could operate on such honesty.

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Why do people who get welfare, hate other people on welfare?



The irony of people on welfare constantly bickering about people on welfare. The idea seems to be that the bickering welfare recipient believes they deserve welfare because they work and don’t abuse it while all the other people on welfare are just lazy leaches abusing the system. Then, these morons vote to cut welfare, because in their minds when the government talks about cuts to welfare, they’re not talking about THEIR personal welfare, but the other “losers” who are abusing it.

As of 2014, 109,631,000 people are receiving some form of government assistance when you consider Medicaid, food subsidies, Social Security, Veteran’s benefits and unemployment. As of the most recent study in 2012, only 2.7% of that number was attributed to welfare fraud, which is less than 2.9 million people. In fact, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ families receiving public assistance spend significantly less than families’ not receiving public assistance on essentially everything, including roughly half on housing, a third less on food, almost two-thirds less on entertainment and a fraction on healthcare. The data clearly indicates that that those living on some form of public assistance aren’t abusing the system to live lavishly — they’re trying to penny pinch to survive.

Therefore, the idea that we should completely ruin the lives of 106 million people because of the wrong doings of 2.9 million is completely absurd. When the government cuts back “entitlements” as they like to call them, they are cutting ALL funding. They are not performing in-depth investigations to pluck out the abusers and only cutting their funding.

One of the most common misnomers about welfare is that most people who are on it are leeches who don’t work, an accusation that is 100% false. First of all, MOST people on receiving medicaid or food assistance are working class families who simply do not get paid enough. Second of all, let’s take a look at who these people are living off of some form of public assistance. Of the 26 million people collecting Social security, 18 million are retirees who worked their whole lives and paid in to it, which means they are not lazy leeches. 8 million are collecting disability, which means they have been considered disabled workers by the government and therefore are excluded as lazy leeches. Veterans receiving veteran benefits served their country, and therefore are absolutely not leeches, and I dare you to call one of them a leech to their face. People on unemployment were working, lost their job and are now seeking work. How do I know this? Because it is a policy enacted by unemployment that you must have been working to receive it, and must be actively looking for work to continue to receive it. Now, there is clearly some individuals who scam unemployment by making it appear as though they are seeking jobs, but let’s look at why.

If you’re working a career based job making a livable wage and then you lose that job, unemployment is willing to compensate you with a large percentage of what you were making. Which means, whatever lifestyle you were living can still be afforded. If you choose to get a job at any old place to get off unemployment, say at Wendy’s, you will not get paid anywhere near what unemployment would give you, hereby making unemployment your best option until you find another great job based on your career experience. If places like Wendy’s paid livable wages, you would gladly take a job anywhere and not be a drain on the working tax payer. So in this case, who is the unemployment subsidy really for? It seems to be more of a corporate subsidy doesn’t it? Corporations know they don’t have to pay you livable wages, because when you’re down and out, you can easily get medicaid and food stamps. And, when they lay you off, you can go live off unemployment between jobs. It’s this line of thinking why Wal-Mart actually hands its workers welfare documents and asks them to apply. It’s basically saying, “We can afford to pay you more, but we would rather not pay you shit so we can have higher profit margins. But don’t worry, you’ll survive. Just fill out this form and let the tax payer pay the other half of what we should be paying you to work here.” Think about that.

The simple solution to solve all these issues with government assistance is for companies to pay you more for your labor. With the costs rising of car insurance, mortgage payments, rental payments, electricity, heat, gas and water, the need for people to be compensated more for their labor is vital to fixing this economy. So when I see people all over the internet suggesting the government should cut welfare benny’s and those same people claim that people should stop complaining about minimum wage, it is such an oxymoron that it makes me feel physically ill. You people are voting against your own interest. You people are cutting off your own nose to spite your face.

There are 46.5 million people in America collecting food stamps at an average of $123 per person. If our government even so much as cut the number in half, how would Hannaford, Kroger, Market Basket, Ralphs, Wal-Mart, and other supermarkets recover from a $2.9 billion drop in sales? How many more jobs would be lost when 23 million people can longer shop for food? And, when those people working at places like Hannaford lose their jobs because of the drastic drop off in sales, how many more people will now need welfare? Grocery chains benefit far more from food stamps than the person who uses them.

In my entire life, I have never met anyone who was happy about needing public assistance. I have waited in welfare lines and everyone in there is ashamed to even be seen in there. The long lines, the humiliation, the way you get treated by the people who work there. Nobody is jockeying for position to be the next person to get free government money. The moment someone discovers they need it, they become overwhelmed with depression. It’s not your neighbors who are lazy leeches. It’s not the struggling single mom’s, the poor minority family or the guy who lost his job that’s taking advantage of you. It’s the corporations in America that are the leeches. And, when you sit there and defend them for allowing you to graciously work for peanuts, while at the same time turning on your fellow brothers and sisters who are going through the same struggles as you — you are the problem with this country.

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Debunking Jewish Myths and anti-Semitic Canards.



There are several Jew bashing conspiracy theories and Anti-Semitic canards all over the internet that I see every day. It astonishes me that people actually believe this putrid bigotry and so I decided to make my next priority about completely debunking this idiotic nonsense. I have put together a list of these dogmatic fabrications and I intend to successfully disprove every one of them completely. I myself am not Jewish, however my grandmother is and I am friends with many, so I find these bogus claims to be offensive to say the least.

  1. The Jews control Americas Banking system and finances.

This rumor comes from the propaganda that the Rothschild family still controls central banks all over the world and dominates the entire global financing system. Although it may seem fun to read when you’re looking for a way to get those anti-Semitic endorphins flowing, it’s complete and utter bullshit. This is a ridiculous accusation that stems from internet conspiracy theorists and anti-Semites who spread false memes on the web asserting that the Rothschild family is worth $500 trillion. Just to show just how absurd this is, the combined total value of the entire world economic assets is only $200 trillion. In fact, the total worth of the derivatives market as of 2011 was about $600 trillion. The wealthiest member of the Rothschild family living in the world today is Benjamin de Rothschild. Benjamin’s estimated worth is roughly around two billion dollars. The idea that the Rothschild family owns and controls all the world’s central banks is absolutely false. First of all, the Federal Reserve Bank in America is not owned by anyone. Although parts of the Federal Reserve System share some characteristics with private-sector entities, the Federal Reserve was established to serve the public interest.

A “central bank” is a governmental mandate. It’s the entity responsible for overseeing monetary policy, interest rates and currency supply for a nation. In fact, the Reserve Banks are required by law to transfer net earnings to the U.S. Treasury, after providing for all necessary expenses of the Reserve Banks, legally required dividend payments, and maintaining a limited balance in a surplus fund. When you do your research, you will discover that though Rothschild family banking businesses pioneered international high finance during the industrialization of Europe, they haven’t dominated global finance in over 200 years. In fact, when you look at the wealthiest and most powerful privately owned banks in the entire world they are as follows: HSBC Holdings — Market Cap: $191.43 Billion. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China — Market Cap: $196.21 Billion. JPMorgan Chase — Market Cap: $229.90 Billion. Wells Fargo — Market Cap: $261.72 Billion.

JP Morgan is ran and controlled by Jamie Dimon, a Greek descendant who is not Jewish. Also, after JP Morgan merged with the Rockefeller owned chase Manhattan Bank, even if you consider David Rockefeller having some involvement, his family is of German descent, which history would show is the very opposite of a Jew. HSBC Holdings was founded by a Scottish banker who lived in London, Sir Thomas Sutherland. HSBC holdings is ran and controlled by Stuart Gulliver and Douglas Flint (Both Englishmen from Britain). The ICBC is ran and controlled by Jiang Jianqing who is clearly not fucking Jewish. Wells Fargo is ran and controlled by Thomas Sloan, whose Irish and Scottish heritage kept him from ever once having a bar mitzvah!

  1. The Jews own and control the media.

All of American media is owned and controlled by 5 institutions. Disney, Viacom, Comcast Holdings (Formally GE), Time Warner & News Corp. Yes it is true that Comcast is owned by Ralph and Brian Roberts who were both into a Jewish family. Their parents Bob Roberts and Sara Wahl were Russian-Jewish immigrants. Yes it is true that Walt Disney is ran and controlled by Bob Iger. It is also true that Viacom is owned by National Amusements, which is owned by the very famous wealthy Jewish-American Sumner Redstone. However, what people fail to mention when making this argument is that Time Warner, or Historic TW Inc., is ran and controlled by Edward B Ruggiero, a man with very proud Italian heritage who doesn’t celebrate Hanukkah. Also, News Corp is owned by an Australian-American with no Jewish ties at all, Rupert Murdoch. So, the idea that Jews own and control the media, well, apparently they’re forgetting about CNN, HBO, Warner Brothers, Time Magazine, Fox News, The New York Post, the Wall Street Journal among several others, considering they are all owned by an Italian and an Australian who don’t practice Judaism.

Secondly, even if there are many Jews who dominate a lot of power positions in the media, why does that matter? Is it because you believe they are manipulating their power to brainwash us all into Jewish principles? Because it has been proven through surveys that a vast majority of Jewish-Americans do not believe that any American News Conglomerate even touches on any Jewish concerns and this belief is also held by many of Israel’s most prominent figures. It is these ridiculous fears that lead to bogus allegations like “the Jewish War on Christmas.” First of all, Jews make up 4% of the population and Christians make up 83%. Even General Douglas MacArthur wouldn’t have sent soldiers in with those odds. A giant percentage of people who control the American Automotive industry (Ford & Chevy) Military Industrial Complex (Boeing & Lockheed Martin) and American owned Oil companies (Chevron and Exxon) are Christians. However, whenever there are thousands of deaths to war nobody brings up a Christian Agenda. When oil prices skyrocket or people die by the thousands from improperly manufactured cars, nobody is screaming about a Christian conspiracy. Why then, when there is a particular field that Jews excel in is their religion brought to attention?

If the Jews truly controlled our media, our government and our finances, than someone please explain to me why the only Jewish presidential candidate to run in my lifetime got the high hard shaft by the Democratic National Convention? If the Jews control Wall Street, why was Bernie Sanders slamming them, while Wall Street backed Hillary Clinton?

You may ask yourself then why so many Jewish people are wealthy and work in high up positions. It’s simple. For starters, Jewish people put a serious emphasis on education. In fact, Jewish people are the most highly educated religious group in America. Just underneath Jews on this list would be Hindu people who, by the way, challenge Jewish Families for the highest Median Household income among religious groups in the United States. Asian people, also prioritize education. Which is why Asian families have the highest Median Household Income among racial groups in America. And, despite Asian people having completely dominated the Silicon Valley Tech market, you don’t hear anything about some Asian conspiracy to dominate us all with robots. When People of Indian Heritage completely dominate the Internet, web and Graphic design sector you don’t see memes on Facebook depicting a conspiratorial belief of an Indian hostile takeover of the interwebs. The other reason why Jewish people are often successful is because Jewish families help one another. Most often, Jewish families are very communal in that they will utilize their networks and family connections to help their children have a better and more lucrative chance to be successful. Something other races and religions should maybe practice more.

Despite all the bogus claims and various assertions made by these idiots about Jews, the facts are here before you. The Jews don’t run and control shit. Now, pardon me while I take off and go hit up my Jew friend out in California. He is going to fill me in today on his parent’s global agenda for the world.


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How many Americans ACTUALLY know what they’re talking about?



I wanted to do an actual calculation on this to identify exactly the number of Americans who truly know what they’re talking about. Well, to identify an individual as “knowing what they are talking about” the person’s opinion must not be skewed by confirmation bias. Therefore, I have constructed a list of credentials and requirements that each person must adhere too.

1.) The person must not be religious. Religion tends to promote a subjective opinion based on inductive reasoning, whereas not being religious promotes an objective opinion based on deductive reasoning.
2.) The person must not be extreme in any political affiliation. When one considers themselves a devout liberal or a devout conservative, the information in which they spread could be easily misguided by political biases.
3.) The person must be highly educated. Regardless of how some people will feel about this one, getting a higher education teaches you an awful lot about important subjects. Most people that haven’t gone to college pretend to know about economics, sociology, history, financial accounting, political science, philosophy and criminal justice. However, those who went to college actually know about those things because they learned them. However, one must not just go to college, but excel in college and have a degree to prove they learned what they were taught. It is uneducated people who are likely to be more racist, less travelled and easily misguided by the biases of mainstream media, propaganda and conspiratorial nonsense.
4.) The person must be an expert on the subject. An expert, more generally, is a person with extensive knowledge or ability based on research, experience, or occupation and in a particular area of study. It is tough to determine just exactly how much experience one must have to be considered an expert considering different fields of study have different requirements. For example, it takes 13,000 hours of experience to be an expert on litigation, whereas it takes over 40,000 hours of experience to be an expert neurosurgeon. So what I did for my calculations was base it on the average hours, which is 15,000.
5.) The person must not be under the age 28. It is apparent that anybody under the age of twenty-eight has simply not lived long enough to know much about anything. Also, if you consider number 4 on this list, for a person to have 15,000 hours of experience given a 40 hour work week, the person would have to have worked at least 7.8 years, if they worked 1920 hours a year. For one to have a degree and have worked 7.8 years, than one must be at least 28 years old.
6.) The person must be self-employed, employed or retired. The person must either be working in the field for which they claim to know about or teaching in the field. One can’t claim to “know what they are talking about” if nobody has put trust in them to work or teach in that field. Therefore, I am statistically weeding out the unemployed.
7.) The person must not have Alzheimer’s or any form of severe mental disability that prohibits them from utilizing the full capacity of their cognition. In other words, depressed people, or those with bipolar disorder, may very well know what they’re talking about. However, schizophrenia and Alzheimer’s, obviously impairs their judgment or ability to make logical sense of things.
Okay. Given the above conditions and requirements, let’s do the math. According to the most recent pew research data 15.8% of Americans are not religious. 7.1% consider themselves Atheist/Agnostic and the other 8.7% say they are nothing at all. Of that 15.8% of nonreligious people, 43% of them have a college degree, which brings our overall total to 7.6%. 69% of the nonreligious consider themselves Democrats and 10% of them consider themselves Republicans. All 10% of those who consider themselves Republican have claimed to be devout conservatives. Only 59% of nonreligious consider themselves to be devout Liberals. Therefore, 31% of all nonreligious have a clear an open political mind, 66% of which are also Democrats. However, not all of those with an open political mind have a degree. So 31% of 7.6% brings are overall total to 2.4%. Also, according to Pew Research Center, 45% of all nonreligious people in America are 28 or older. 45% of 2.4% is 1.1%
Now, let’s get in to the nitty gritty. I’m going to use the “real” unemployment rate because it will include those who left the job market and not include self-employed or retirees. The real unemployment rate is 9.9%. Which means that 90.1% would fall in as working, self-employed or retired. However, just because someone is self-employed, employed or retired, does not mean they worked 15,000 hours in the same craft. In fact, according to Marketwatch, the average time people work at a job is 4.6 years. So I did some heavy research here and found the number I needed. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the percentage of employed and self-employed Americans who have worked longer than 8 years in their field (even if at different firms) is in astonishingly low 21%, half of which are people age 55 and older. When you include retirees, the number jumps to 24%. 24% of 90.1% is 21.6% However, considering we want to calculate this specifically from the educated and nonreligious people over thirty, our overall percentage now falls to 0.24%

According to the National Institute of Mental health, only 1.1% of all Americans have a severe mental disorder. Severe, of course, referring directly to a mental illness that would have a negative effect on their cognitive performance. So when we deduct that percentage from our overall total, we arrive at this number: 0.0023736

The United States population is currently 318.9 Million people. When you calculate 0.23736% of 318,900,000 people you are left with a conclusive number. Only 756,941 people in America, actually know what they’re talking about. *Drops Mic*

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